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Disposable Feminine Vaginal Cleanser

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Disposable Feminine Vaginal Cleanser- Shine PH)


 A specially formulated feminine cleanser that maintains the optimal pH balance of the women’s treasure Safely with all naturally extracted ingredients to fortify natural defenses.

Overviews of a product and analyses

 It is a safe product with Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice(CGMP). It is changes the paradigm of current feminine cleansers with its sophisticated design and the patent for the exclusively designed non-toxic hard case applicator.

The disposable applicator comes with high-grade, gel type feminine cleanser that can be used without water.

It contains natural moisture element acquired from nature in addition to plenty of natural extract known for maintaining PH balance, helping female's Y-zone care with maintenance of proper acidity, skin calming and moisture.

The product was tested by KTR, a skin evaluation specialized institution in Korea, for skin irritation test, and there was no skin reaction after direct application to skin. The product was decided to be safe.

Product description

1. The content is safely protected with a separate stopper in the case.

2. No secondary infection with the application method through the exclusive container

3. Hygiene guaranteed with individual package and non-reusable container

4. Safety guaranteed during travel or storage with hard case

5. Available to use anytime anywhere with gel type without foam

6. Convenient use with one-push type

7. Sophisticated and safe design

8. High quality non-toxic ingredients

9. The product contains plenty of natural extract that activates beneficial bacteria and prevents harmful bacteria from penetrating and multiplying at the female genital organ, providing pleasant feeling.

Details of a test

Dermis density(elasticity) test

Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences  2017.11.29~2018.01.18

Participant: 21 / Used twice a day / Left armpit

The results of these tests can be different among individuals.


Moisturizing test

Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences  2017.11.29~2018.01.18

Participant: 21 / Used twice a day / Left armpit

The results of these tests can be different among individuals.


Brightening test

Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences  2017.11.29~2018.01.18

Participant: 21 / Used twice a day / Left armpit

The results of these tests can be different among individuals.


Skin irritation test

Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences


No irritation reaction on the skin


Deodorization test

Korea Conformity Laboratories(KCL).


Ammonia: 90%  Trimethylamine: 87.5%

Antibacterial(candida) test

Korea Conformity Laboratories(KCL).

2018.02.05~2018.02.28  Reduction rate: 99.9%


Helps the itching by drying.

Helps to relieve the odor.

Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences 2017.11.29~2018.01.18   Participant: 21 / Used twice a day / Vulva The results of this survey can be different among individuals

Analysis to product- Merits of Shine E

“Shine e” preserving all benefits of the “Gel type of the vaginal cleanser” added into sleek designs, portability, safety and a hard case unlike other competitors that cane prevent the item from the secondary infection by defective packages and hand. In addition, it is patented to structure ensuring the plunger is irretraceable like a static wedge when it is pushed in full to disallow reuse of the product.

Product details – Applicator

Unlike conventional vaginal cleansers it is a differential applicator with a clearly divisive handle and a hard case preventing contents from the secondary infection by hand and from leakage that comes in model utility and design registration.

Product details – Effect by main substances

1. Rush Tree extract: Anti bacteria and detoxication, good for treating cervicitis

 2. Snow lotus extract: Good for control of hydrogen ion concentration Index Control and reinforcement of immunity. Effective for anti-aging skin by improvement of skin pigment precipitation.

3. Wormwood leaves extract : Effective for hemorrhage then it is useful for treating melena, disruptive menstruation.

4. Magnolia officinalis var. biloba barking extract: effective for skin management with vegetable activation ingredients.

5. Cypress leaf extract : excellent in deodorization with phytoncide contained.

6. Adenosine : Effective for anti- wrinkles and resilience reinforcement

7. sodium hypalkulate : As a natural moisturizer it prevents the skin from UV light and dust.

8. Niacinamide : Effective for firming the skin and whitening by prevention of melanin precipitation.

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